Paying abroad with a credit card

Paying by credit card is convenient. The credit card is a popular means of payment, especially abroad. It saves you from having to search for change in your wallet – often with an unfamiliar currency. If you want to pay by credit card on vacation, you should follow a few rules so that cashless payment works easily, quickly and securely. 


Tip 1: Check the availability of the cards

credit cards

Before leaving, travelers should check the availability of the checking card and credit card. Otherwise it can be embarrassing when paying. If the limit is reached, the credit card will not be accepted. The credit card availability limit can vary depending on the provider. Customers can often have it increased if necessary.


Tip 2: Payout in local currency

The following applies in non-European countries: Travelers should pay the invoice in the local currency to the dealer. The conversion to dollars is often offered, but the exchange rate is sometimes considerably worse.

If the EC card or credit card is stolen abroad, those affected must have it blocked immediately. This also applies if the card is lost. It is best to save the phone number in your smartphone before traveling.


Tip 3: Use known local banks

Tip 2: Payout in local currency

Travelers should look for ATMs from official banks on site if they want to withdraw cash with their credit card. It is best to use the machines in a branch during opening hours. Then a contact person is available to answer any questions or problems.


Tip 4: Card readers visible on the counter or table

For cashless payments, travelers should always request that the card reader be placed on the counter or brought to the restaurant table. Credit or checking cards should never be given to people for payment. Then criminals have very little chance of copying the card’s data or exchanging the credit card for a counterfeit.


Tip 5: PIN remains secret

Tip 5: Card readers visible on the counter or table

Always enter the PIN of the credit card so that the keyboard is not visible.


Tip 6: Store valuables safely

Just like cash, credit cards should always be kept safe, for example in a safe in the hotel room. Anyone who leaves valuables in the car or room, visible to strangers, risks being robbed.


SOS info pass always at hand

For holiday travelers, the Dollar Card Systems initiative has created an SOS info pass. This contains all important blocked numbers. The passport can be downloaded and printed free of charge from the initiative’s website. Supplemented with personal details such as card and account numbers, the passport should be taken with you when traveling, separate from your wallet.