Loan with nowhere cheap guarantee: risk-free at Verivox!

With the nowhere cheaper guarantee from Lite Lender, you are on the safe side. At Lite Lender you have found your installment loan offer at the best interest. If you receive a loan offer from a credit institution, including through a credit intermediary (including other comparison portals), that is cheaper than the cheapest comparable loan offer at Lite Lender, we will reimburse you the interest difference in the form of a one- off payment directly to your account when you take out the loan complete with Lite Lender. We guarantee that.


Brilliantly simple: in three steps to a loan

money loan

Today around every third German household finances its consumption needs with a loan. Because interest rates have continued to fall in recent years, borrowing has become attractive to many consumers. With Lite Lender, you can easily find a cheap loan.

  1. Start credit comparison: You simply set the desired amount, the term and the purpose of your loan in the loan calculator and enter your personal data in the application form.
  2. Select the cheapest loan: With your request, you will get binding loan offers from up to 20 banks and financial service providers. Your Lite Lender credit advisor can help you choose the best deal.
  3. Take out a loan: To take out a loan, all you have to do is legitimize yourself and submit the signed loan application together with the required documents to the bank. In a few days you will have your money.


Step 1: make a loan comparison

loan comparison

To start the comparison, simply enter the desired loan amount in the credit calculator above and select the desired term and purpose. With Lite Lender you can compare and conclude loans between 1,000 and 100,000 dollars with 12 to 120 months. The following list of results gives you a good first overview of the conditions of the individual banks.

Banks need this information for the loan offer

Select an offer and enter your personal data in the request form in order to receive individual loan offers. The banks need the following data for this:

  1. Personal information: The bank must know who its contractual partner is and whether you meet the legal requirements to take out a loan (such as legal age and residence in Germany).
  2. Job details: The bank needs information about the amount and security of your monthly income in order to calculate the creditworthiness.
  3. Household information: This gives banks an impression of your monthly expenses and fixed costs. Based on the income and expenditure, they create a household bill to assess whether you can probably afford the monthly installments for your loan in the long term.
  4. Request offers: In the last step, you indicate whether you already have current loans. This is important information for banks because monthly installments increase your fixed costs. This has an impact on the budget bill. You can also specify here whether you want to take out residual debt insurance for your new loan.

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Therefore, all of your information is subject to the highest data protection regulations. We use your data exclusively to obtain loan offers from our partners for you and then to advise you. If Lite Lender does not conclude a loan after your request, all stored data will be deleted.

Over 20 loan offers with just one request

At the end of the credit request, you can decide: either we only send your request to the bank you selected beforehand, or to all of our partner banks and credit intermediaries.

Our tip: Select all providers to improve your chance of top conditions. This is just as quick and completely risk-free: all credit inquiries via Lite Lender are 100 percent free and non-binding for the borrower. They also have no influence on your Schufa score.


Step 2: Choose the cheapest loan

You can now conveniently select the loan that is most convenient for you from the offers received. In most cases, this is the loan where you pay the least interest. But the other conditions can also be decisive – for example, whether you can repay the loan earlier than planned without additional costs or whether you can temporarily suspend the installments if necessary. Your personal Lite Lender credit advisor will help you choose the optimal loan.


Step 3: take out a loan


There are two ways to complete your Lite Lender loan.

Classic credit

Print out and sign the loan application. Then send it to the bank along with the necessary documents and evidence. You don’t have a printer? No problem. Upon request, Lite Lender will be happy to send you the loan application home by post. One click is enough.

Credit providers are required to verify your identity before paying out. In the classic procedure, you legitimize yourself using the PostIdent procedure. To do this, simply identify yourself with a valid identity card or passport in a post office.

Online loan completion

With this convenient alternative to the classic method, you sign the loan application using an electronic signature on your PC or smartphone and upload the required documents using the document upload.