Fully digital credit with an account view – it doesn’t get any faster

Regardless of whether the car gives up its ghost, the washing machine on strike at home or a particularly cheap holiday bargain: in some situations, a credit simply cannot be delayed. With a fully digital loan, you save around a week from application to payment. This is made possible, among other things, by the digital account view.


Three digital solutions – a week saving time

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You usually have to provide your personal information when making a loan request. In order for the banks to be able to offer you loans, they also need information about your professional and financial situation.

1. Fully automatic credit check thanks to a digital account view

The fully digital loan relieves you of a lot of work when you make your request. You only have to enter the loan amount and the desired term yourself. The bank obtains all other information required for the credit check by means of the so-called digital account view.

With your online banking login, you give a unique insight into your account. The bank then checks your regular income and expenses yourself. The account view saves you the tedious search of all documents and you do not have to upload any documents.

2. Legitimation via video chat

Based on the fully automatic credit check, you will receive all contract details for your loan by email. This way you can check all the conditions again before proceeding with your credit request.

To complete the loan, you now have to identify yourself. Many banks use the so-called PostIdent procedure for this. You must identify yourself with your ID card or passport at the nearest post office. You can save yourself this route with the fully digital loan. Instead, they identify themselves using VideoIdent – in real time and without leaving the house.

3. Credit signature with digital signature

Now all you have to do is the sign the loan agreement so that the bank can withdraw the money. Thanks to the qualified e-signature, this is also fully digital. To sign the loan, simply sign on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


From the request to the payment in a few minutes

From the request to the payment in a few minutes

With a fully digital loan, you do not have to print anything out or send anything by post. This way you avoid long waiting times. It only takes a few minutes from the first request to the binding loan. If you take out the loan during bank opening hours, the money will be transferred to your account the same day. Depending on how long your house bank has booked, you can have the loan amount within 24 to 72 hours.